Youtube Actors

Actors/Actresses, as well as other talents and artists, who are in our guild, are not only to learn through our daily practice, but also build self-confidence, get exposure on YouTube, Social Media, Newspaper, TV, Netflix, and in movies. Furthermore, what makes us unique and stand out from other traditional workshops is that we upload our practice videos on YouTube. This means that actors get a reel from every single practice AND they are able to show their friends & family that they are pursuing their acting career here in Hollywood. The average price of acting workshops here in Los Angeles came out to be $45 per HOUR in 2019, that is beyond “CRAZY!” This is why, we offer workshops here for free for everyone who loves acting! No more “I don’t have money to attend acting workshops”

What would people around the world think when they hear the word “Hollywood”? We believe that the answer would be something related to “films”, “movies”, “stars”, and “artists”! Yes, Hollywood is the largest film industry in the whole world and millions of dollars are flying back and forth here in Hollywood on a daily basis. Every year, over 50,000 artists move here in Los Angeles to pursue their dream career, yet, the reality is cruel; a majority of them end up going back to their hometown giving up their dream career, this is the fact. We are here to change this! We figured out that the main reasons and causes for this and came up with this great solution. Any artists and talents, even though they are aiming for their dreams, still have bills to pay, and on top of that, they have to invest in themselves and their dream career for tools, services, training, workshops, etc… A statistic shows that more than 90% of artists moving here in Hollywood have to give up their dream career due to financial reasons. Now, we figured out the cause, meaning, we just need to come up with this innovative idea to solve these financial issues. Do we give out money to artists? The answer is “No”, even though every single artist would love this. Then, what would be the next ideal solution? Boom!! We came up with this simple, yet, very critical & innovative solution: “Everyone needs to practice and invest time and money onto their dream career. So… What if they can earn money from their daily practice? This way, they can earn money from what they love before they become famous!” This is our origin. With this idea, we are welcoming all the artists such as actors/actresses, writers, singers, dancers, directors, etc… This is the place where you invest in your career and make a profit from it to reinvest on your career even more! Now we are all practicing what we love, making money off of it as well as strong connections in their dream industry, and at last but not least, they are having so much fun pursuing their dream career. What a great & innovative idea!! We only have one life to live, so we might as well do what we love to do and enjoy every single day not to regret anything 10 years later.

NGO Earth Agent Organization

Earth Agent is the group of NGO The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor. We have been recognized by ICPO as NGO and operates out of Los Angeles and South America since 2007. Earth Agent is supported by over 100 businesses in Los Angeles and also has partnerships with NPOs in Japan. Our organization’s ultimate goal is suicide prevention for youth and young adults. 4,600 American youth lives (ages 15-24) lost each year and the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States and in the whole world, as well. Furthermore, each year, 157,000 of American youth are treated for self-inflicted injuries.

The principle of our organization group is that “all men are equal, and everyone is a global agent from the time when we were born.” Thus, we are attempting to educate people from various backgrounds, races, and individualities based on the Spirit of philanthropy. As the agent of Earth, all man have their own missions, which are based on the principle of treating others rather than one would wish to be treated. And business is one of the tools to achieve the mission, therefore, we strongly believe that youth and young adults should learn about business, its’ systems, and sociology.

We are supporting youth and young adults who have a dream by providing many opportunities to learn about business. We are offering supports that help and educate young talents in various industries, including marketing, education, art, engineer, entertainment, etc.. Our organization group is sharing various and rich information about the business to youth and young adults who join us.

Our organization would also offer many opportunities to share and discuss various business ideas and industry information. Youth and young adults are able to learn and apply what they have learned in a real-world off of the detailed information we offer to assist you. Information, wisdom, and knowledge play an important role in businesses.

We are also providing the opportunities for youth and young adults the place and community where they can interact with business owners as well as investors through our private lounge and parties where business owners are invited and visit. Youth and young adults that are our members have the opportunity to discuss their current/future career as well as business ideas with business owners who are experts in whatever industry they are interested in. Offering this community where youth and young adults can directly contact and exchange information with business owners motivates and gives hope to youth and young adults. Furthermore, we are grateful for those business owners who support our principle and give their big supports as they would love to assist youth and young adults with their careers and dreams on top of wishing their future success.

In South America, We initiated the first disaster charity concert with success. It was later publicized in local newspapers and Televised.

In Los Angeles, We hosted an event at Hollywood and Highland by inviting over 200 guests. This event was a campaign to educate the public about childhood cancer. That time we carried on movie advertising campaigns of Davis Film and had corporate with a lot of companies such as SEPHORA of a cosmetics major company, California Pizza Kitchen and etc.

In 2015, We received the Valor Award by extreme rescue effort from Los Angeles Fire Department.
By receiving the award, We start to promote the project that suicides prevention and support for young people.

Our activities that Childhood Cancer eradication, Animal protection, Humanitarian support, and other programs are all operated by The Better World and is fully supported by Triple Crown Foundation, Inc. as our financial entity.