Now Youtube Actors Academy Membership is on Sale for the year of 2021. Purchase the membership now to receive signing up bonus!

  • Free UNLIMITED Agent Showcase – We will get you Representation!
  • Free Career Coaching Opportunity – You will have a mentor to assist you with your acting career
  • Free Webpage – You will be receiving a webpage that you can use to display all of your items such as headshots, reels, IMDb, social media etc.

NEW For the Membership:

REAL ON-SET Field Trips – You will gain free access to any shootings taking place at our new Studios, on the BEACH & in the FOREST!

Studios (Beach & Forest) – You will gain free access to the studios for any filming, whenever you want. Once a month, we will have an event with free food and drinks provided. Join us, post on social media and gain more followers!



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